Juxtape ben penn

Juxtape 044 – Ben Penn

Yes hello? This weeks Juxtape is by Ben Penn from Tilburg, a small village near Belgium.


JUXTAPOSE w/ LEFTO (BE), Ras_G (USA), Free The Robots (USA) & BertBert

We’re very proud to set foot on Amsterdam territory with our Juxtapose collective.

Juxtape thomas

Juxtape 043 – Handsome Thomas

The Hague has been a hotbed for raw and analogue machine music for quite some time now, and it’s nice to see that history keeps repeating itself.


Juxtape 042 – Parrish Smith

Parrish Smith is a guy who catched our immediate attention the moment we came across his dark & rough productions.

Juxtape doli

Juxtape 041 – DOLLKRAUT

Tape 41 is a special one. Or better, it’s a special one for us personally. It’s about seven or eight years ago that Juxtapose’s BertBert had one of his quests for talent on Myspace.

Juxtape malawi

Juxtape 040 – Arif Malawi

We organized so much parties the last couple of months, that our Juxtape-series got a bit sidetracked. Luckily our next tape was worth the wait. Juxtape 40 is mixed by our friend Arif.


Juxtape 039 – Stephen

This week’s Juxtape comes from Montréal, Canada. It’s courtesy of Stephen Kerr, who we picked up via Tumblr. We came across his radio show/label Total Stasis and were intrigued by the diversity of his curation.

Juxtape Luke Eargoggle

Juxtape 038 – Luke Eargoggle

#038 is courtesy of Luke Eargoggle, a Swedish electro producer renowned for his raw and uncompromising sound.

Juxtape rednose 2

Juxtape 037 – Rednose

The only Juxtapose family member that isn’t a DJ yet shines just a bright selects half an hour of garage rock because he has a moustache and doesn’t give a fudge.

Juxtape dj fenriz

Juxtape 036 – Fenriz

Number 36 is a very special mix recorded for us by a Norwegian fellow known as Fenriz. He is one half of the legendary Darkthrone, a notorious band on the dark side of metal (yes, even there is a dark side). But his interests go far beyond that, as this Juxtape proves us. This mix consists of well-balanced house and dubtechno. There was no doubt that we had some questions for him, because basically, he’s a black metal dude mixing house and techno. How cool is that. We might have a tiny crush on him.