Juxtape 042 – Parrish Smith

Parrish Smith is a guy who catched our immediate attention the moment we came across his dark & rough productions.

Juxtape doli

Juxtape 041 – DOLLKRAUT

Tape 41 is a special one. Or better, it’s a special one for us personally. It’s about seven or eight years ago that Juxtapose’s BertBert had one of his quests for talent on Myspace.

Juxtape malawi

Juxtape 040 – Arif Malawi

We organized so much parties the last couple of months, that our Juxtape-series got a bit sidetracked. Luckily our next tape was worth the wait. Juxtape 40 is mixed by our friend Arif.


Juxtape 039 – Stephen

This week’s Juxtape comes from Montréal, Canada. It’s courtesy of Stephen Kerr, who we picked up via Tumblr. We came across his radio show/label Total Stasis and were intrigued by the diversity of his curation.

Juxtape Luke Eargoggle

Juxtape 038 – Luke Eargoggle

#038 is courtesy of Luke Eargoggle, a Swedish electro producer renowned for his raw and uncompromising sound.

Juxtape rednose 2

Juxtape 037 – Rednose

The only Juxtapose family member that isn’t a DJ yet shines just a bright selects half an hour of garage rock because he has a moustache and doesn’t give a fudge.

Juxtape dj fenriz

Juxtape 036 – Fenriz

Number 36 is a very special mix recorded for us by a Norwegian fellow known as Fenriz. He is one half of the legendary Darkthrone, a notorious band on the dark side of metal (yes, even there is a dark side). But his interests go far beyond that, as this Juxtape proves us. This mix consists of well-balanced house and dubtechno. There was no doubt that we had some questions for him, because basically, he’s a black metal dude mixing house and techno. How cool is that. We might have a tiny crush on him.



Juxtape samo DJ

Juxtape 035 – SAMO DJ

Samo DJ caught our attention with his heavy brand of funky, sample-based Tai Po Kau EP amidst the flood of L.I.E.S. releases last year.

Juxtape coco bryce

Juxtape 034 – COCO BRYCE

We start 2014 with this Juxtape by Dutch beat wizard Coco Bryce. Active in the music business since 1995, he has released on labels such as Fremdtunes, Lowriders and Astro:Dynamics and remixed producers like Slugabed, Krampfhaft and more.